Gil & Paulyn’s onsite wedding video

Gil & Paulyn SDE from Hendrix Sanchez on Vimeo.

The groom being Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Director and having the bride as a judge, nobody is more aware of life’s bitter realities as much as this couple…thus their marital union i suppose is a testament of how anyone should look at and celebrate life, and that no matter how bleak it might seem all around you, we should still believe in happily ever afters..

Photography by Zcherald Criste
Florist: Efren Bacawat
HMUA Olec Josephus
The Baguio Country Club

Daniel & Jocelyn’s onsite wedding video

Not rain (thus the eventful relocation and re-arrangement of the original outdoor reception venue), nor the hour-long drive from the resort to the church and back can bring this wedding to a standstill much less a halt…and if precipitation is an indication of abundance and blessing, then this couple is off to a grand start.

A lot happened behind-the-scenes that made this wedding the stuff of legend and interesting bedtime story to their future grandchildren; in the end,love still prevailed..enjoy, Fridge Multimedia ‘s latest onsite wedding video. :)

2013-23-03 Daniel & Jocelyn from Hendrix Sanchez on Vimeo.