Our Story

We are a small video production house with very big aspirations. We are based in cold and beautiful Baguio City, Philippines and have been around for some three years now.

We capture life as it is with the image altering and capturing tools available to us.

We believe that at the heart of every moment, every event, every company, every day, every life, essentially every person, is a story..and we like to help tell that story with the power of the moving image, reinforced with sound.

We do not talk much but we do ask a lot of questions. We believe that more than entertainment, video can and should be used to incite, inform, narrate, sometimes even provoke. With the limited resources and clout available to us, we try hard to deliver on time and on budget.

bar mitzvahs
independent films.
public service announcements.
corporate audio-visual presentations.
television commercials
music videos.

we shoot and edit them all. :)

we even do live video feeds. :)

So there. Let’s help make that story of yours visually compelling. =)

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